A Global Collaborative Sculpture

     How To PARTICIPATE In Building the Sculpture  - Either physcially or virtually.

    Step 1     You can partipate by donating £30 to place one element of the sculpture's HEART.  Two elements (Steel Bars & Steel Spheres) will be used to build The Heart of the Forest (see Maquette image above) 


          Donate  £30 to place an element to build the Heart of the Sculpture HERE


    Step 2   Confirm (when sending your donation using the link above) whether you wish to take part physically or virtually - or whether                     you wish us to place your piece by Proxy. 

    Step 3   On receipt of your donation, if you have chosen to participate physically or virtually, we will contact you to confirm a time and                   day to place your element.  If you have chosen by Proxy we will let you know when we have placed it.

    Step 4   Your name will be credited as a collaborator in building of the Heart, and listed on the BF site and on any accompanying future                 publicity material.

    Step 5   Joining us physically or virtually will also provide the opportunity of being part of the promotional film we are making about the                  project and our subsequent publicity, and social media (filming is purely optional).

    Step 6   For every part you add to the sculpture, we will plant one tree


    Each donation will fund the building materials, plant one tree, and contribute directly to the Baby Forest platform. 

    For organisations, businesses and groups: Donate to place multiple elements and plant more trees by contacting us here 

  • Heart of the Forest Maquette                                                                Chrome Steel   150mm X 110mm  c. BabyForest/Tom McCarthy 

  • The bottom lane of the Forest at BFHQ

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    Mission: To create an ever evolving, large scale sculptural installation with its starting point in the Forest at BFHQ

    A Global Collaborative Sculpture Titled "Heart of the Forest"


     “Trees are the foundation of a forest, but a forest is much more than what you see. Underground, there is this “other” world of infinite biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate. (Trees) … act as hubs or anchors for tree groupings, and look after their families, nurturing seedlings, sharing nutrients and even sharing wisdom when they are injured or dying".

    Suzanne Simard, Ecologist


    By bringing the BF creators and audience together in a collaborative and interactive way to build the sculpture, we hope to create the opportunity for us all to explore the idea of a collaborative network and use that exlploration as the narrative to carry the BF story out to the world, straight from the 'Heart of the Forest'.

    Our aim is to create a large scale, ever evolving, sculpture. We envision the sculpture to be self generative, changing in shape and form as participants contribute each individual element to it’s growth. Over time, we hope to see it grow and morph into other forms in other locations, both in physical and virtual dimensions depending on the input from participants.

    We began the sculpture by building its 'Heart'  in the 'Heart of the Forest' here at BFHQ on May 19th, 2018


    Material:  We will use two components:  12mm mild steel bars and 50mm mild steel spheres.  Lines and spheres are often used to depict the idea of a network. Once the initial Chestahedron 'heart' of the sculpture is formed, the bars length elements from then on will be fixed to a uniform length of 400mm.


    Method: The ancient sacred geometrical form, more recently called the Chestahedron, is widely regarded as the geometrical shape of the human heart (see image above right). It will form the inaugural starting point of the sculpture, to symbolize the ‘Heart of the Forest’. We will be build out from this central heart form. 

    We estimate the first 30 elements donated will form the Chestahedron, from then on in – the sculpture will take on its own life and build from the actions of the participants.

    From then on participants are invited to come to BFHQ phsically or virtually via Skype/Google hangouts on scheduled contsruction days to place and position their elements to the over all structure.  Dates will be posted on BF and social media, please share! Elements can also be placed by proxy. Connections are made as bar to sphere, sphere to bar (rather like a meccano build!) The individual elements will be welded permanently together. 

    Along with each participatory element, every participants donation will pay for and enable one tree to be planted.

    They will also be named and recorded as a contributing participator of the artwork, along with a unique ID code, and a BF Token which will become the seeds for future iterations of the sculpture (wait and see!) Via your input, suggestions and creative energies we anticipate the scuplture will grow and morph into other forms in both physical and virtual dimensions!


    Location:  The starting point will be physical and located in the heart of the forest at BFHQ.  It will be built and inaugurated by our own BF creator members, afterwhich we will extend an invitation of participation to the world’s general public.


    Locating the heart of the Forest:  Located in the heart of the forest at BFHQ, we intend to place the 'heart' of our sculpture carefully. A geomancer has located the best place. A geomancer deals with subtle earth energies and will ensure our ‘sculptural heart’ will be positioned in a spot with the most beneficial and nurturing energies for both the forest and the project.


    Giving back:  

    By planting a tree for every participatory element donated, we give something back to our planet. We will be supporting the afforestation of our planet - highly important to maintain biodiversity and ecological balances thus helping it breathe a little easier!

    We have a few small areas of unoccupied land here at BFHQ and a number of local landowners that have confirmed their support of our initiative and have set areas of their land aside to establish new long-term forest locations. We envisage further such collaborations with landowners nationally and internationally as the project grows.

    How does this project raise funds?

    Creative participants will donate a suggested sum of £30 to place and position a single element to the over all structure. 




    Each participants donation will raise funds for Operation WORLD WIDE WOOD, pay for materials and enable one tree to be planted. 


    When will this happen?

    Inauguration date to build the sculptures ‘Heart’ was 19th May, 2018.  Built by the Creator Members of Baby Forest.  The project is now open to all Baby Forest Creators and Members, before we open the project out to the general public.

     We will be making a small promo film then and will use it to extend participation to the world!


    You are invited to participate!

    Let's get together to nurture creativity and our planet!



    What happens next?

    We will launch the next evolution of the sculpture at Baby Forest's INTO THE FOREST Creative Festival which we will be hosting  at BFHQ at the end of July. (Project 2: Operation WWW) 

    We’ll be calling on all Baby Foresters for participation, suggestions, ideas

     More about that very soon!