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  • Air

    A film by Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas 

    This award winning short film was made for the project Elemental Diaolgues.  It is one of a number of films in which Anna Cady and collaborator Pauline Thomas attempt to represent Air; exploring what the implications are when we see, feel and interpret things differently. 

     Writing and poetry curation in collaboration with Dr. Jenny Chamartette.  

    Installations of the film, entitled 'Drawing Breath', have been exhibited throughout the UK and include 8 other films representing air. Most recently at the Whitechapel Gallery as part of 'Political Animals: 21st Century Feminist Cinema' where writer and activist Sophie Mayer curated a global survey of feminist film-makers who link personal and political revolution.

    Participating writers and sound artists include Briony Bennett, SJ Fowler, a.j.rawlings, Sachiko Murakami, Owen Lowery, Howard Moody, Jan Hendrickse, Steven Kemper, Abby Wollston, Tara Stuckey, Deepak Venkateshvaran, Aaron D'Sa, Sebastiane Hegarty, Brian Evans-Jones, Kate Koning, Stephen Emmerson and Tami Haaland. 

    Film Duration:  12 Minutes

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