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  • ´╗┐Alison Berrett        

    "Her Work Energises Me"


    "´╗┐Bold shapes, sweeping lines, strong colours. I love the art of my sometime-collaborator Alison Berrett. The wonder of whatever is all around us (often unseen or ignored) is being opened up. So that's what's happening beneath our feet! And all over the cosmos! Her work energises me, and makes me feel that I can do pretty much anything, however tough, improbable or even impossible the future task might seem." Ian Adams, poet, writer, photographer, from his book 'Running Over Rocks'. 


    My work is embedded in my relationship with the landscape and the feelings and thoughts I have when I'm outside, experiencing it. The huge expanses of sky, the ruggedness and wide space of the coast, the great heights of hills and mountains and the reminders of nature's power, strength, beauty and abundance. I'm inspired by the changing light, sounds, colours and variety to be found in the natural world.  Using paint, mixed media, charcaol, graphite and pigment I often work outside but most of my finished pieces are created in my studio. I work with expressive marks and colour, creating  playful semi-abstract or abstract results,  often with hidden metaphors, sometimes hinted at in the titles. My life experience and musings on my place in the world are an integral part of my work. I read and think a lot about what it is to be human and alive, questioning our existence and relationship with one another and with our beautiful planet. These thoughts and conversations become themes in my work. and being in the landscape gives me the space to process  and turn them into expressive images. 

    I try to inspire others through my art and educational work to feel more engaged with their lives, each other and our world.