• Work In Progress:  "Towers Of Bollox I"

    (digitally manipulated,multi-layered image of a tower block)

  • My work creates a catalytic narrative whilst reflecting the emotion evoked by the subject - or the art making process itself.  It attempts to invite people to dig deeper; to look more than once, and think beyond the obvious or accepted 'fact', and take something from it that could be used to contribute to positive change.

    My inspiration comes from many sources stemming from an interest in cultures, belief systems, symbolism and questioning what, how and why. 

     Along with many others, I consider that the human race is a very small part of the universe with a disproportionate view of its importance; that much of the world is wrongly fixated with the material to the detriment of our well-being; and that due to our limited understanding of how the universe works there is more than one way to view or interpret what we accept as given.



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  • I consider feeding my mind an important part of the art making process for me, and thats why it's crucial for me to gain exposure to a wide range of work in different mediums and from different cultures.  Immersing myself in this way - and in my own digital work - often induces an image in my minds eye which I then attempt to replicate in the physical space or digital studio.  I like to think that I'm working with two brains - mine and the computer's.   I find that with the help of both brains, my sketching and painting feeds into my digital work, which in turn feeds into my sketching and painting (as well as creating ideas for other mediums!).  A project more often than not emerges from an idea that has been processed by both minds several times. 

    And then sometimes it's simply a set of photographs that hang together well, or a piece of writing I need to get on paper/screen.


  • Ally Clark

    I don't really get artist's statements (more than likely largely because I find it hard to write anything beyond a stream of random consciousness far less something structured that succinctly explains what I do).  But I'm not in a position to dismiss the notion that they are required, so I'll do my best.  In short,  my own experience taught me to embrace art as the soul of society, and I'd like to do my bit to keep it replenished, so that others may absorb its goodness.  For me, creativity is the food that feeds the soul.  I love cooking freestyle.  I'm rubbish at following recipes and struggle to document them.  Once I've made something, I might use text to describe what it is, explain the ingredients and how the dish came together - but I rely on my tastebuds to tell me if it's good enough to eat.  Sometimes it needs some seasoning, sometimes it tastes better the next day, sometimes I'll freeze it for another day.....and sometimes I turn the leftovers into another dish.  Nevertheless, here goes.....

    I use photography, film, digital imaging, the written word and painting - either independently or in combination.  I like to explore use of colour (or lack thereof), shape, form, movement and space (particularly the representation of 3D on 2D) and if possible, make my work part puzzle for the viewer.  I feel it is important to create a strong aesthetic but in much of my work there will be part of it which doesn't sit right, is awkward or uneasy and pokes at the mind of the viewer - but if not that's ok.