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  • "I learned through experience, trial and error, imitating ancient methodology until an aesthetic based emerged through what I was making. Utilizing primitive tools, I began forming these pieces and vessels that spoke towards the history so apparent in the medium. I felt a connection through its use, with the anthropological space and history of human kind. I think this is what drew me to the material in the first place. As my knowledge and skill base broadened, I found new methods of creation that led towards a more consistent practice, through which this new and evolving body of work was formed.  These pieces are imbued with a history of their own, one that exists outside any specific time or era".


    Andrew James Collins is based in West Cork, Ireland

    He has  shown at GRIN Gallery, Keeseh Studios, and MANA Contemporary in New York, Wandsford Quay Gallery in Ireland and The Chapel Gallery in the UK. He has held residencies at the National Sculpture Factory in Ireland and Gallery ELL in New York.

    Andrew’s work is held in private collections internationally.  


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  • It is through experience and an informed relationship with his surroundings, that Visual Artist Andrew James Collins experiments with form and materiality creating work that mimics simple and elegant natural processes.

    His thematically broad approach takes cues from geology, time passage, cosmology, art history, anthropology, life and death. Work emerges from an involvement with new processes and materials often outside of intention. The control of chance, force, and accident around the accumulation of varied materials helps shape different bodies and future exploration. Each piece is a fragment, a new building block in the ever evolving bodies of creative output.

    The Ancients, Collins’ latest body of work, began when researching another project, which was leading towards the use of clay in primitive cultures across the globe. He began experimenting with traditional methods of digging and processing raw clay as well as hand building and pit firing techniques. This started a mildly obsessive period of creation and research.