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  • aTonalHits is about awesome music.

    Since its formation in 2011, the group has been dedicated to bringing contemporary and lesser known works of music to light. Its founding members are Illya Filshtinskiy (piano) and Katha Zinn(violin), although aTonalHits has swollen its ranks with many collaborators of all art forms- music, dance, design, composition etc.

    Beyond the standard violin and piano repertoire, Illya and Katha first found a taste for newer music in the work of Alfred Schnittke. They have released an album of Schnittke Sonatas, as well as a new album entitled "1910-1920", which focuses on a variety of different violin and piano music within that decade. The latter was funded through an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign, in which the group raised 233% of their original goal.

    aTonalHits has performed in numerous styles of venues, from outreach to the concert hall, to a TEDx event. They play regularly at different styles of concerts and masterclasses around the globe, including a tour of both Holland and Turkey, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany- and closer to home at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Carnegie Hall, Liederkranz Hall, Symphony Space, and Spectrum among others. aTonalHits has also worked closely with the Societe de Musique Contemporaine du Quebec, presenting a recital with three of Quebec's foremost composers, including a premiere of Jean Lesage's "Portrait of a Sentimental Musician in a Distorting Mirror". They have also been featured artists on MySpace, as well as on the Juilliard School's website. Largely dedicated to new music, they have premiered over 80 works.

    The group also reaches beyond live performance to the halls of the internet. Videos of their work are posted regularly on their YouTube and Vimeo sites, with footage not only of them playing, but of their animation, artwork, and video art.