• My practice is informed by an exploration, and reading of psycho-spatial perception as an experienced condition of connection, disconnection and flux, and my reading of ‘thirdspace’ as a fluid condition fusing actual/physical and virtual/mental space, a generative 'yawning' chasm of potentiality’ (Yve Lomax Sounding the event).

    Through two and three-dimensional delineation my practice examines systems and conditions of spatiality such as: framing, thresholds, repetition, and permeability. My practice is focused upon linearity; its porosity, and provisional articulation of spatial planes and volumes.

    The philosophical milieu of my practice examines the dynamic coexistence of matrixial and phallic systems of psycho-spatial structures: shifting and static, form and formlessness, ideal schematics and limitless multiplicity.

    My practice considers the nature of finite frameworks which, although necessary for functioning within our collectively perceived reality, can be limiting and restrictive; fostering experiences of separateness and singularity. Leaper operates within a borderspace where these single-subject structures meet and coalesce with the intersubjective relations of the fluid matrixial plane.

  • Chloe Leaper

  • Alignment 1 , Mixed Media, 80cm x 60cm, 2015

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