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  • The Amazing Line Up Below......heartfelt thanks and appreciation of such talent.

  •  CmColm O'Herlihy - Bands, P. A, Lights

    Colm O'Herlihy - Bands, P. A, Lights

    Martin Coyne - 3 D Digital Mapping Tree Installation

    Photography and Video/Film

    Richard Lloyd Lewis - Musicians Photography

    Brendan Canty - Bonfire Photography

    Sue Crellin McCarthy - Musicians  Photography

    Sam McNicholl - Set up, Vibes

    Tom McCarthy - Set Up, Venue Management

    Andy - Two Boys Catering



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  • Mountain Dew Festival

    "A little family run festival in the countryside, by all accounts, full of heart and energy, and great music"    Huffington Post

    Top 25 Irish Festivals - Irish Times, 2014

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  •  Baby Forest "Colony Mash Up No.2"

    Baby Forest hosts Founding Creator Colm O'Herlihy's Mountain Dew Festival, 2015 .  It was a special night.  Many thanks to all the wonderful people involved.  For full and honorable role call see below..



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    Baby Forest Colony Mash Up No.2 -  Written by Martin Coyne.

    They narrowed the entrance to our little street and in the process put a bench on the reclaimed land and planted a tree. I don’t what kind of tree it was but it was slender and elegant. Its top branches had been coaxed into a pleasant flame shape and I was looking forward to seeing it bud for the first time. Then one day as I walked by I realised with a growing, sickened sadness that someone had broken the trunk. This took a sustained level of commitment to destruction, as to break a four-inch girth of green wood is not a casual act. I picked up what was left on instinct and took the seven-foot tall dead tree into my back garden. I did not know what I would do with it but somehow it seemed wrong just to have it cleared away as refuse.                        

    About three weeks ago I was invited to the Baby Forest / Mountain Dew mash-up in West Cork and asked if I would do some projection mapping. A sketchy plan was hatched to buy a camper van and travel to Ireland. This all seemed unlikely due to the tight time frame and the fact I had been driving less than a year. After a few non-starters we bought Nipper – our little Rascal mobile home, then I painted the dead tree white and on the twenty ninth of July at four in the morning we set off for Skibbereen, Ireland.                                                                          

    We spent that night in a lay by just outside Rosslare as our boat was so badly delayed getting a campsite was impossible. Sharon, my wife, was less than thrilled and I was forced to consider the possibility that I was chasing windmills. The next day we arrived at Baby Forest Central in West Cork  (where Tom and Sue are based in the middle of - you've guessed it - a baby forest!)  and were greeted by them, their children, my colleague and  fellow Baby Forest founding creator Richard Lloyd Lewis, several cats and several dogs.                                                                                                                              

    After a settling period, the tree was expertly installed by Tom and Richard into the barn. It was now floating above the proposed performance space. I then set about building a masked interactive, installation using the Leap sensor and the epic calibration software Rulr (which was lovingly written by Mahatma Elliot Woods of Kimchi and Chips – peace be upon him).  

    Next day Colm O'Herlihy and Brendan Canty,  fellow BF founding creators and part of Feel Good Lost, buoyant in the fact that they had just been nominated for two MTV awards, arrived with all the performers for their Mountain Dew festival in tow. The music started soon after with some stunning piano recitals in the house headed up with a mesmerising performance by Jonathan Pearce, then proceedings moved onto the barn. I can’t remember the names of all who played but I’ll try; there was Caoilin Sherlock who played haunting bruised ballads, Joni’s urban Irish R&B, Dream Wife resurrected Riot Grrl and gave it a techno makeover, but the artist whose name I did remember was Jófríður Ákadóttir. She gave a spellbinding show that managed to be both delicate and powerful.

    The little tree was lit with projected sunlight and leaves all through this and people used the sensor trace digital flames through its branches. Some mastered this process and began to ‘play’ the tree along to the music.This film gives a pale impression of what was a magical night – I didn’t get Jófríður’s best tracks as I stopped filming to listen. I planned to ceremonially burn the tree but Sue wouldn’t let me. It now lives in a garden in West Cork.

    It was only on the night we realised that our little festival had taken place on Lughnetting a caasadh – the pagan festival of the sun god and the beginning of harvest.

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