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  • Creators Unite!

  • BabyForest Is a Creative Colony, built ‘By Creators for Creators and Lovers of Creativity'

    We are an Independent, self curated platform where Artists, Creators, Makers, Innovators, and Creative Explorers can connect, collaborate, exhibit, present, promote and sell their work.  

    We are building a new kind of cultural, creative and social experience, a creative eco-system for both creator and audience, for connection and exchange both on and offline. Our aim is to become an identity that is recognised for quality, integrity and autonomy, where creators and supporters connect directly.

    We are carving out a new space where audience, cultural supporters, curators, gallerists, collector/customer and creator can come together in one place. Where an audience has direct access to creators and their work.  A place that fuses individual showcase/presentation spaces, with creator managed e-gallery and shops, curated exhibitions, editorial features and news with broadcasting, social sharing and curation tools.

    Behind the scenes, creators collaborate, skill swap, share resources and dialogue with a network of their international peers. Front of house, we invite our audience into the colony to enjoy, experience, and buy our work.  On Baby Forest, the creator is self empowering, self- sufficient, and receives the ‘lion’s share' of the income generated from their creative output.  (85% from all sales). The colony provides a meaningful identity from which the creator can manage and grow their reputation and audience, in a space allied with quality and integrity - one that respects and reflects the talent and high standards of each individual's work.

    Pioneered by creators internationally (seeded in New York, L.A, Berlin, London, Iceland, France, Ireland, Tokyo & Sydney), Baby Forest Creators are selected by the invitation of their peers or by an application process where creators recognise and acknowledge the quality and talent of other creators.  As creator members of Baby Forest, artists, makers and creators are joining forces to define and build a multi-disciplinary, culturally meaningful colony identity.  

    We are at the very start of this exciting journey - we are inviting you to be part of something fresh and exciting - an independent alternative !