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    I'm a writer and narrative designer, working in various forms.


    I trained as a screenwriter for TV/Film but somehow ended up working as a video game narrative designer/writer and occasional journalist whilst also dabbling in poetry, short stories and animation. Most recently I have ventured into Virtual Reality, with 'Aurora', Irelands first original animated VR experience. (https://medium.com/vr-first/pink-kong-studios-aurora-irelands-first-original-animated-vr-film-set-for-vr-awards-and-122a24c6b15e) 

    This space is multi-purpose. You can find some completed Short Stories and Poetry; there's a Writers Board if you want to see my 'idea-brewery' with some work-in-progress titbits and the Narrative Design section explains a bit more about writing for video games and has links to some of the projects I've worked on. 

    Thank you for visiting and feel free to get in touch.

    Enjoy and Be Well.