• Notes on the works for sale in Dominic Shepherd's shop.

    The paintings on sale are created in the artist’s studio, built amongst the trees within a clearing of remote Dorset woodland. Before starting on a painting and during their creation Shepherd wanders these woods where he lives making studies, taking photographs and creating vignettes using his family as models. Some of these studies are of found objects, such as a dead bat; others from life - his daughter lying amongst the primroses, for example.

    The drawings are studies of the paintings themselves, workings and thoughts made real. A limited selection of these studies, made over the last ten years, are offered for sale in my shop.

    The paintings themselves are the result of a long process. The surfaces are worked, paint is applied, rubbed off, reapplied and manipulated. Scratches, marks, wipings, struggle, there is an authenticity here, no hiding behind stylistic devices. Paint becomes a language, thought visible. Dominic Shepherd uses the finest pigmented oils and canvases made by John Jones of London.

  • A Film by Stephano Giacomuzzi   

  • Dominic Shepherd fuses life and work, refracting information from the ages with prismatic effect. Folkloric and cult cyphers are blended with the personal as Shepherd freezes time, casting his masquerading subjects in a fictionalized place that might just be real. There is a slippage of time and place where it becomes impossible to unravel reality from illusion. Shepherd’s paintings combine to elucidate a personal mythology populated by his very own deities, heroes, ancestors, and progeny. 

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