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  • Fran has been very fortunate in receiving four residency awards at Cill Rialaig in County Kerry, between 2013 and 2018, where the inspiration of both the setting and being part of the extended artistic community there has fundamentally influenced her work.

    Currently Fran is artist in residence at Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen.

  • Pigments waiting to be ground to make paint  in Fran Woolf's studio in West Cork.

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  • Watercolour is  Fran's  preferred painting medium, but oil, encaustic and egg tempera are also used. 

    She grinds  pigments to make her own paints and encaustic mediums.

    Fran studied the theory and practice of egg tempera painting at the National Gallery, London  in 2016          and is planning to continue her studies, of  this pre Renaissance originated medium, at the Royal Academy,  London in 2017.

  •  Her photography employs analogue, digital and experimental methods. 

    Fran  makes her own cameras for pinhole photography and also uses film cameras that are over 100 years old, as well as modern digital cameras. 

    Experimental techniques, exploring archaic methods in the dark room, result in unique handprinted Photograms, Chemigrams and Cyanotypes.

    Fran belongs to the Royal Photographic Society.

  • In 2016, after achieving an  Open Access Award  there while still a student , Fran was made a full member of Cork Printmakers, specialising in Collagraph, Monoprint and Screenprinting.

  • Fran is a graduate of the unique Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree programme in Visual Arts,  which is based on the tiny offshore island of Sherkin, West Cork.

  •  Fran Woolf is an artist involved in Printmaking, Painting and Photography.

    Her work examines the natural world as seen from her viewpoint, a  studio perched high up, clinging to a rock,  overlooking a wide expanse of West Cork.

    A panoramic view of fields, farming and wild places, birds flying and cows not flying,  trees - both singular and in conversational groups and soft shaped hills

    - which insinuate themselves into the work at every opportunity.

  •                      ....As an artist who creates materials and tools for making art by hand, combining modern and archaic techniques, I believe that this extends the artistic process, potentially increasing connection and authenticity to the subject....

                                                                                    Fran Woolf.