• The Garden of Inspiration: Hopton's Vegetable Garden at her home in Upstate New York 

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  • Hopton with her Block Printers in India

  • Block Printing Hopton's Deco Primitiva  Design  in India 

  • Prints in the Making: Hopton's Studio 

  • A Season of Flight (ii), 2016 

  • Medium Size Veg Print 3, 2008 

  • Georgie Hopton's Upstate Studio 

  • Tools of the Trade - Hopton's Studio Bench 

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    As GeorgieHoptonProduce, her most recent collaboration is with Christopher Farr, London, further extending her artworks to rug making.

    “I see it exactly like a 3D piece of art, a domestic sculpture, if you like. Chris (Christopher Farr) and Matt (Matthew Bourne) were excited by the challenges my ideas produced and we all set to work to translate one of my oval-framed collages into a hand-tufted rug”.

    The result is the Stromboli rug (which currently sits proudly on the cover of the October 2017 issue of The World Of Interiors).

    “It was so exciting! We were so delighted with the result, we decided to make it an unlimited edition, available to order in almost any size. Obviously, I’m hoping that someone with a need for a rug in their ballroom will order one!” laughs Hopton.



    GeorgieHoptonProduce is now available here in her Baby Forest Gallery Shop. She is also available for commissions. 

    Botanical Theatre – an exhibition of prints that have directly inspired the GeorgieHoptonProduce collection is currently showing in the Photography & Print Room of Baby Forest Gallery here

    Discover more of Georgie’s work here




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  • In a move to progress her fabric printing techniques to small scale production, Hopton travelled to India to explore the art of hand blocked printing onto fabric and found her own little ‘team’ to hand produce some of her textile work.

    “I love the fact that wood block printing is such an ancient craft and that it is possible to achieve both incredibly simple and complex results with it”, says Hopton. “My fabric was printed by two craftsmen, both of whom had worked as printers from childhood.  I couldn't believe their ability to keep a straight line over long lengths and to naturally space the design, by eye. I love the simplicity of the handmade procedure - relying completely on the technical abilities and confidence of the block carver and printer. Incredibly uniform results can be achieved, but there is always an element of risk and surprise – and it is always the happy accidents I relish!

    Being in India is like being able to inhabit the past four centuries at once - you exist in the magical realm of the time machine somehow. It was exciting and inspirational to witness the carvers, sat cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by piles of tiny curls of wood, whilst motorbikes whizz past and mobile phone booths are collaged into your periphery!"



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  •  "It seemed a completely natural progression. I have always been interested in wallpaper and fabric and moreover, making a world or a total experience”.





    In upstate NY, beneath the sleeping, hound-like mounds that are the Catskill Mountains, the earth is rich and fertile. It is where, in 2000, artists Georgie Hopton and her husband, Gary Hume bought an old chicken farm, and where Hopton is most in her element. 


    Since acquiring the spot, they have spent long summers, working in peace and quiet, miles away in mind and spirit from their intense urban existence in London.  Digging out ponds, planting fruit trees, perennial flower beds and creating  extensive vegetable gardens was all part of the sculpting of their new patch of land. It became her passion, and, for several seasons, Hoptons studio lay abandoned in favour of the garden. Now well established,  the vegetable gardens have not only provided lavish feasts for the table, but have also become the source of Hoptons inspiration, providing the materials and the tools for much of her summer output.  


    “I push wheelbarrows of excess harvest to the studio nearby where, with a little help from a kitchen knife, I chop the mute but animated piles of produce, load them with paint and press them down, like crests into hot wax, onto thick, dense paper”. 


    The dried stems of the Bee Balm flower and the leaves of the Cut Leaf Viburnum, planted and thriving within view of Hopton’s studio, provide a delicate contrast to the large, bold prints of the vegetables.

    “Within the bosom of the farmyard, I have my own personal art supply shop, I want for almost nothing”, she says. "I’ve found that the Veg Prints allow me to achieve a playfulness and directness much less attainable through my other working methods. I like the way they work my creative muscles. Just like the landscape we inhabit here upstate, where the sky feels big and roomy, making the Veg Prints opens up my creative space - allows my imagination and responses to run comparatively freely, blowing away the metaphorical cobwebs the previous year has accumulated”.


    The idea behind GeorgieHoptonProduce began to form a few summers ago when a couple of fashion designer friends took a few of her early ‘Veg Prints’ and had them printed on fabric for use in their womenswear collection. Another friend commissioned her to create some wallpaper - the result of which was “ Circles and Sticks” a wallpaper design which now forms part of her current collection. 


  • A lifelong appreciation of craft and a magpie’s attraction to fabrics has always influenced the work of British Artist Georgie Hopton.  

    This season sees the launch of GeorgieHoptonProduce, a capsule collection of wallpaper, textiles and rugs inspired by the Botanical Prints she makes using produce grown in her vegetable gardens in upstate New York – prints she endearingly refers to as her 'Veg Prints'.                    >>>>>>>




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