• From the Irish Arts Review summer 2018

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  •  LATEST : Life Lines - solo exhibtion . The loft Gallery Clonakilty, Co Cork , Ireland.  May 24th-June 23rd 2018

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  • Born in Copenhagen in 1968, I moved to Ireland in 1994 to study Fine Art at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. Working primarily in sculpture I began, early on in my career, to explore the inclusion of bronze casting in my practice. This led to a 2 year Masters (through research) into pre-historic casting techniques. I subsequently established my own studio practice in West Cork and since then has continued to explore the potential of combining ancient methods with my contemporary art practice while at the same time continuing my archaeological research programme.

    Working alongside a Shaman in New Mexico in 2010 gave me a unique opportunity to fully explore the role of rituals and the use of material in pre-historic traditions. This experience proved a turning point in my practice allowing me, for the first time, to fully express my values and seek a new language for my work. This has led to a greater appreciation of nature and a practice based on a strong ecologically and sustainable approach.

    Drawing has always been an important part of my practise and  for years  the human figure was my main source of inspiration. However by moving studio and house to the beautiful surroundings of west cork it was only a matter of time before nature slowly began to take an substantial part for subject matter.. Local flora and fauna now plays as an important role as figurative influences.

    In resent years  I have furthermore added the inclusion of precious metals in the form of bespoke fine art jewellery. Again primarily concerned with the nature surrounding me I have developed a method to cast the flora that surrounds my garden, woodlands and hedges. Using pre historic methods I create unique jewellery with charcoal fired clay furnaces and bellows keeping in line with my fascination of ancient craftsmanship.