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  •                      COLLABORATE VIRTUALLY and join the conversation ...                 See our ever growing bank of participants HERE

  • Finally in it's place!

  •                                                       Adding to the Heart

    Baby Forest Creators & Members are now adding to the 'Heart' to grow the sculpture, it will then be opened to the General Public and we will begin to 'grow' the sculpture in a collaboration with the world!

    We are inviting every collaborator to walk in the forest, either physically or virtually. This walk creates a real opportunity for us to connect and to open the dialogue around the future interfacing of humanity, creativity and technology, and how we may find ways to support and nurture our planet. And to share a moment together in the forest!

    Place your piece physically, virtually or we will place it for you by proxy.  Each piece placed also plants a tree. 


                                                                                                        PARTICIPATE HERE

  • Nearly there!

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  • And at the same time David Bickley is making a film!

  • Preparing the site to install the base     Image: David Seeger

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  • Sam McNicholl welding the base under the instruction of Martin O'Driscoll

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  • Steel Railway Tracks - will  become the solid, immovable base of our heart

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  • The Elements - Steel Bars and Balls

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  • Working plans, working maquettes

  • Building the Heart 

    MAY 19, 2018 in Images & Film Clips

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  • Working out the making of the jig - a template from which we could build

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  • Here's one we did earlier! 

    The jig complete, our new 3-D Drawing Board!

  • Tools of the trade!                                                                                           Image: Rob Monaghan

  • The site awaiting it's heart - in the Forest at BFHQ

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  • Working out a plan of action - in the barn workshop studio at BFHQ

  •  'Heartfelt' thanks to the following Baby Forest Creators who participated, both physically and virtually,  in building the Heart on the day.  Many thanks also goes out to to our welding expert Martin O'Driscoll, who taught us all a new skill, and made sure we welded the structure to professional, safe and secure standards.

    Helle Helsner

    David Bickley

    David Seeger

    Sam McNicholl

    Rob Monaghan

    James Long (with gratefully received Cookies & Brownies by Marcia Long!)

    Tom McCarthy

    Sue Crellin-McCarthy

    Rachel Nieborg

    Clare Smith

    Jaie Miller

    William Bock

    Georgie Hopton

     Charles Tyrrell

    Lisa Lillywhite

    Fran Woolf

     Una D'Aragona

    Ally Clarke

    Kirsten Van Schreven

    Richard Lloyd-Lewis

    Jonathan Hill

    Phil Heaton

    Jill Tegan Doherty

    Andrew James Collins




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  • Arrivals at BFHQ on May 19th, 2018

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  • Our starting point - the chestahedron

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    Find out how YOU can participate HERE:


    On May 19th, 2018, here at BFHQ West Cork Ireland, Baby Forest Creators from all over the world came together both physically and virtually to inaugurate the starting point for our  Heart of the Forest project. Designed to bring creators and members of the general public together in an ongoing, international collaboration we hope to 'grow’ a large scale physical sculpture, with it's 'roots' placed in nature, in the 'Heart' of the forest here at BFHQ.

    The project forms part of our larger cultural programme Operation World Wide Wood.  Based around exploring the idea of collaborative networks and experiential connection, the project takes the form of an ever evolving collaborative sculpture, built with two elements: nodes and links (steel balls and bars).  The project's starting point was the building of the sculpture's 'heart', which took the form of a  chestahedron, said to be a geometrically analogous version of the human heart.  It's location? The true heart of the forest here at BFHQ, located by a local professional geomancer who walked the forest to find its energetic centre or 'Heart'.

    We are inviting everyone to participate in growing the sculpture, which we hope to see morph and change both in form and location as more and more people participate by placing elements to the sculpture or adding a new creative slant on the project - anyone can join in. 

    For every element placed, we will also plant a tree, helping the earth breathe a little more easily through our creativity and connection.