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  • "These are wonder tales, (the music) fills the mold of extreme sensibilities. It is, in a way a bad reaction to something that I ate, I mean emotionally. It's a refusal to accept the place in which I found myself, a kind of revolt". 

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  • These works form part of the Baby Forest Exhibition HUM by Kevin Nolan:


    HUM  the documentary: Screening Room

    Sound Installation:  HUM - Digital/Installation Room

    Poetry: HUM Literature Room


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  • "I don't think anyone would take on the regime I took on for making this album, unless you are up against the wall in some way and there is a fundamental need to escape yourself."

  •  "Sometimes I think I just create atmospheres, so yes the music is really just the place in which my characters find themselves".




    "In style and substance, Nolan is a seething cauldronful of the literary, the theatrical, and the gothically flamboyant, seasoned with a smattering of infernal burlesque. Summoning the muses of Leonard Cohen and Bertolt Brecht, Ute Lemper and Lotte Lenya Nolan will mystify and bewitch with ballads of doomed love, wailed out into endless indifferent night by whiskey-lashed wretches, whilst making erratic yet potent essays into the jag and pummel of elaborate math-rock. Meanwhile, Nolan flits mercurially between numerous alter-ego roles; the soft-toned harmoniser, looking out dispassionately over the detritus of broken love and blue murder in 'Splinter'; the boozy wound nurser of 'Blood Wedding', howling from the dregs of the heart, then menacingly exhorting his betrayer to 'sleep with one eye open'; and the bright-eyed romantic of the wonderful 'The Guess', who mutates mid-song into a hoarse and raging prophet, growling his enigmatic truths across a pitiless earth: 'Dark is the counsel of man, for man is master of the Guess'.’    Rob Doyle, Author


    Nolan has been writing music since age seven.  In 2009 he released his first Ep entitled “Here’s A Piece Of Ivan’s Head” which comprised of three tracks, “Blood Wedding”, “The Guess” and an early version of “Splinter”.


    In 2014 he released his full length debut album “Fredrick & The Golden Dawn” of ten tracks,  a project which took him a eight years of writing and recording.

     Nolan is now working on his second album and three other musical projects.  

    FREDERICK & THE GOLDEN DAWN IS AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE                                                                   

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