• These works form part of the Baby Forest Exhibition HUM by Kevin Nolan: you can link to other parts of the exhibition using the links below:

    HUM  The Documentary: Screening Room

    HUM Music: Music Room

    HUM Poetry: Literature Room

  • All Artwork by Susanne Wawra 

  •  The Mechanicl Bards Will Die Unnoticed                                                                                                                                                                              (Vacuum Cleaner, Razor, Kettle, Guitars, Hair Dryer, Plastic bag, Zither, Cymbal, Vox, Jigsaw, Drill, Electric Sander, Sneeze and Snore) 

    • Zen Machine  
    • (Vacuum Cleaner, Rasor, Kettle, Guitar, Hair Dryer predominantly)
  •                      HUM

    The Sonic Art of Kevin Nolan

    • We are not the voices, they are but shadows now
    • (Printer, Saw, Chair, Piano predominantly. Found sound and concrete music)   


  •  In very early childhood Nolan found he was transfixed by the sounds around him, in particular machine sounds. He would spend hours sitting with his head against his mother’s clothes dryer, listening to the sound of the machine and feeling the vibrations and also the hot air coming from the machine. Equally, he could, quite happily, spend a whole day sitting up against the washing machine with his head against it listening to it while reading his favourite authors. He was also attracted to hair dryers, head shavers, vacuum cleaners, drills .... 


    In 2006, Nolan decided to start recording these sounds in an attempt to share what he had experienced when listening to them.  He wrote several sound pieces for the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, kettle, wind, printer, fire and many others.


    In 2010, his piece "We are not the voices, they are but shadows now" was played in a loop in the streets of Weimar in a sound exhibition put together in association with The Bauhaus-University