• At A Remove, 2017       Gesso, acrylic, polymers on wood     16.5 x 18 cms                                                                                          Shop here

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  • Transmission,2017    Diptych:  Linen, gesso, pva, acrylic on canvas   77x102cms                                                                                                                                        Shop here

  • Pink Trench, 2017   WW2 nylon trench coat, cotton,glue on board   42 x 60 cms                                                                        Shop here

  •  Walking Softly, 2015  Diptych: linen, lace, acrylic,gesso on canvas 50 x 60 cms                       Shop here                        

  • Gap, 2017   Silk, glue,gesso,acrylic on board  36 x 46 cms                                                    Shop here

  • Bump, 2016   Gesso, acrylic on 140 gsm paper    19 X 24 cms                                                                            Shop here

  • Night Sky, 2017   Gesso, acrylic on card  19 x 20 cms                                                                                                    Shop here

  • Slated, 2017    Gesso, acrylic on wood     17.8 x 17.8 cms                                                                                                            Shop here

  • Coaster, 2017   Gesso, acrylic on wood fitted to hang  17.8cms x 17.8 cms                                                                          Shop here

  • Gazumped, 2016  Gesso, acrylic, paper,glue on 160gsm paper  21 x 30 cms            Shop here


  •  Thrall, 2017   Gesso, acrylic on wood   14 x 16 cms                                              Shop here 


  • EXHIBITIONS                                                                                                                                                           COLLECTIONS                                       

    2017    The Library Project, Halftone Print Fair; Temple Bar                     Dublin,Ireland                                  Kenmare  Resources                          Ireland + Mozambique

    2017     The Copperhouse Gallery, No Fixed Abode Group Show      Dublin, Ireland                                 Abbot Ireland                                       Co. Cavan, Ireland

    2017     Film Base, Temple Bar                                                                       Dublin, Ireland                                 Hewlitt Packard                                    Houston, Texas

    2016     CHQ Building, Georges Dock                                                       Dublin, Ireland                                Marisol International                            Houston, Texas 

    2011     Ormond Quay Gallery                                                                      Dublin, Ireland                                 Donnelly & Turpin Architects             Dublin, Ireland

    2009   Urban Retreat Gallery, Hanover Quay                                           Houston, Texas                               Law Library                                           Dublin, Ireland

    2007   Mo Mong Gallery, River Oaks                                                          Houston, Texas                               Office of Public Works                       Dublin, Ireland

    2006   The Art Guild, Madeliene Island                                                       La Pointe, Wisconsin

    2006   Urban Kneads Gallery, River Oaks                                                  Houston, Texas

    2005   The Distillery Building Gallery, Smithfield                                        Dublin, Ireland 

  • Explore more of Molly Brown's work here

    Selected works from this exhibition and more are available from Molly's Gallery Shop here

    Prices Start At £40.00

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  • Brown herself senses

     “a sort of displacement in my work - not surprising, given my immigrant status”.  32 years on, I'm puzzled that I'm still here. I am still astonished by this sense of being on a rock in the middle of the sea with the world whooshing past. I don't paint the whoosh so much as the rock, I guess”.

    Brown's work is unquestionably heart based, and, although subtle, it actively addresses the slings and arrows that life impresses on us all. If art is the language of human consciousness, reflecting something that resonates within, Brown has it mastered fluently. She wears her heart on her sleeve hoping to touch and connect with us.  And we are free to respond in any way we wish.


  • At the same time, she also started meditating.  “My meditation practice has made a significant impression on my work, as one might expect. It does however, reveal more of my inner self than I am comfortable with but there's not much I can do about that. I find myself wanting to strip away anything too obvious or revealing but, actually, it is those elements that people seem to respond to".

    It is this internal perspective that the British artist, Vincent Hawkins, picks up on in Brown’s work:

    “There's a very playful and gregarious musical quality about her forms and spaces. Although many of the images have a stark blackness to them, this could be misinterpreted.  They possess a warmth and a very human quality. There's a sense of the internal…of interior organs that serve more than a physiological function … that also possess a spiritual function or quarter...”



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  •  “I like big, strong shapes and the rest is really window dressing”, says Dublin based artist Molly Brown when asked about her work.  “I am also a sucker for materials - they play a really big part too, whether it’s the wood I’m painting on or an assemblage – the textile pieces in particular”.

    Try digging deeper and things become more difficult to draw out.  Molly Brown’s practice works at a meditative level.  It is not about the artist statement, it is about what comes out instinctively from within.

    Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brown has lived in Ireland since 1986. She trained at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, where she stayed until the scholarship ran out. Then life then took an alternative path and it took ten years before she returned to practicing full time. 



  • Blindsided, 2017   Acrylic + Gesso on board   23.7 x 32 cms                                            Shop here

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