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  • Jayne Anita Smith 

    ´╗┐Jayne Anita Smith has exhibited extensively in the UK and Asia. Her work centres around strange figures and faces which appear in her black and white drawings and paintings. Merging ghost-like, these curious semi-historical people are entangled within their environments, struggling to break free. In the darkest and most disconcerting of her works, the pain of the characters is palpable. Smith connects this to the physical and emotional suffering that is a daily reality for many people.

  • ´╗┐Cloud.  140 x 110 cm Graphite and charcoal on aluminium panel

  • Artist statement.

    Situated between consciousness and dream, the fractured fragments of another world float on the marginal spaces of our being. Delicately intertwined the organic writhing forms hide a deadly beauty that embalms the inhabitants in its cancerous growth. Suspended by the threads of their past failures and repressed memories, they cast the shadows of their own destruction.