• Moved to Berlin - 2011

    2011 Persona Art Festival - Selected for final exhibition - The Rag Factory  - 2011 | London, GB 

    Live Art Review - Selected for the Live Art Review - Liebig12 Gallery - 2011 | Berlin, DE

    2012 Nothing Was Put in Place to Stop the Growth (Solo Exhibition) - Porcelaingres Gallery | Berlin,DE

     MeSH (D020188) (Solo Exhibition) - Holtz Kohlen Koks Gallery | Berlin, DE

    2013       Artist Review ‘Anatomy of a Thought’,  KiT Magazine, Lidia Casari | Berlin. DE

    2014 The Berliner Liste 2014 Art Fair - Postbanhof | Berlin, DE

    Huntenkunst Art Fair - The Old Iron Factory, DRU-laan 2, Ulft | The Netherlands, NL

    The Forgotten Few (Solo Exhibition) - Space Shuffle Project Space | Berlin, DE

    Artist Review ‘Berlin Kunst Woche: Kunstmesse "Berliner Liste" im Postbahnhof', Der Tagesspiegel, Angela Hohmann | Berlin, DE

    Art Work publication, The Lumen edition 1:2014, Kim Ah-See/Jennifer Allen/Muireann Crowley/Richard Dargie/Francesca Heard editiert | Edinburgh GB

    2015 We are all Human – We Art Berlin, Galerie Blond & Blond Contemporary | Mitte, Berlin DE

    The Berliner Liste 2015 Art Fair, Kraftwerk | Berlin, DE

    Ornamental Stature (Solo Exhibition) - Dat Galerie | Berlin, DE

    2016 Berlin Art Week Exhibition -  The Enter Art Foundation, Orenstein & Koppel Lofts | Berlin, DE

    Naturell - We Art Berlin, Galerie ICON | Mitte, Berlin, DE

     Arte 16 Art Fair - Sindelfingen Messe | Stuttgart, DE




    1983 Born in Bristol, England.

    2003 – 2006 Fine Art (BA HONS) – 2:1       Chelsea College of Art and Design | London, GB

    2002 – 2003 Foundation Course – Merit      Kingston College | Kingston Upon Thames, GB

    2008 Selected for exhibition at The Royal Academy | London, GB

    Selected for the final exhibition at The Art Works Gallery, Newcastle upon Thames | GB

    Prelude Art Fair - Spitalfields Market | London, GB

    If I Were Blind I Could See (Solo Exhibition) - Austin Gallery | London, GB

    2009 Selected for The Society of Women Artists exhibition at The Mall Galleries | London, GB

    Selected for the Tomorrow People exhibition at The Elevator Gallery | London, GB

    The Horn of Plenty – exhibition at The last Tuesday Society (Curated by Alice Herrick ‘The House of Fairy Tales’) | London, GB

    Archway Open House 2009 – exhibited as part of the Holloway Arts Festival | London, GB

    Altermodernism: New Movement or Moving Backwards – selected for exhibition at The Lloyd Gill Gallery | Weston-Super-Mare, GB

    2009 – 2011 A founder and curator of the TO and FOR Gallery in London. Hosting exhibitions, artist talks   and workshops. TO and FOR became a registered charity and ran for two years.

    2010 Selected for A Moving Exhibition - exhibition in Three London Based Galleries – | London, GB

    Open Air Open Studios Residency  - Pangolins Ark - Clissold Park | London, GB

    Patisserie Valerie September Show - Patisserie Valerie, Knightsbridge | London, GB

    The Affordable Art Fair - Represented by The Sphere Gallery | Battersea Park, London, GB

    Beasts Royal - The Last Tuesday Society (curated by Alice Herrick) | London, GB 

  • The Puppeteers Game   Oil on Canvas  131cm x 118cm  2009

  • Dark Circles    Oil on Canvas  107cm x 94cm  2011

  • Discarded Adversities  Oil on Canvas 140cm x 95cm  2009

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  • What Have I Done  Oil on Canvas  75cm x 59cm  2012

  • Nothing was Put In Place to Stop The Growth  Oil on Canvas  199cm x 86cm  2012

  • The Jester and The Thief   Oil on Canvas 144cm x 103 cm  2012

  • Komm Mit Mir II  Oil on Canvas  104cm x 84cm  2015

  • Komm Mit Mir  Oil on Canvas  48cm x 171cm  2015

  • Judge  Oil on Board  80cm x 80cm  2015

  • Pearl  Oil on Board 80cm x 80cm 2015

  • Gideon  Oil on Board  70cm x 70 cm  2015

  • Eldridge  Oil on Board  80cm x 80cm  2015

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  • Myrtle  Oil on Board 80cm x 80 cm  2015

  • Rush  Oil on Board  70cm x 70 cm, 2015

  • Leonora  Oil on Board  70cm x 70 cm, 2015

  • Merlin Oil on Board 70cm x 70 cm, 2015

  • Delphine  Oil on Board,  70 cm x 70 cm , 2015

  • The Hoax  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuellle printing paper  39 cm x 26 cm, 2016 

  • A Luring Disguise  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuellle printing paper  39 cm x 26 cm, 2016 

  • Adrift  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuellle printing paper  39 cm x 26 cm, 2016 

  • To Hear The Wind In The Trees  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuellle printing paper  39 cm x 26 cm, 2016 

  • Can you Still See Me  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuelle printing paper 39cm x 26cm, 2016

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    A selection of Fine Art Prints, Etchings and Original works are available from  Jill's Gallery Shop here    

    Prices start at £40.00

  • Run Rabbit Run (I &II)  Etching on 300gsm Hahnemuelle printing paper  27cm x 20cm (x2), 2016.

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  •  Room III - Nothing Was Put In Place To Stop The Growth 



    Like vines clambering up tree trunks, weeds bursting through concrete surfaces and black mould spreading through walls there is an overwhelming and sometimes unstoppable strength which occurs in natures ability to grow which is beyond our control. Here the focus is on growth, not so much in the physiological, but in the psychological sense, referring to the exponential and uncontrollable growth of thoughts, feelings and pain.

    "I am constantly hindered by my thoughts spiralling out of control both in a  physical and psychological sense. The paintings I produce are, if you like, the device that is put in place to stop that growth, an avenue I take to control, portray, and try to make sense of the way my internal ‘system’ deals and responds to its external stimulus. However, sometimes it is not always the external stimuli which effects the internal system but the internal system itself, the unconscious".  Jill Tegan Doherty

    There is such a powerful desire amongst people for a sense of certainty that the uncertain is often seen as a leap into darkness, here perhaps, it is seen as a leap into the light.

    Observing the paintings visually presents us with a curious and delectable dish that will not necessarily be smoothly digested nor nourish its spectator. A defined narrative is unintentional and interpretation and reaction is left to one’s own response to their external stimulation. 



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     Room II - Ornamental Stature



    This series of work presents us with a series of portraits, focusing upon and accentuating the natural beauty of nature, in this case the bird, which has fallen prey to being placed in a humanistic manner. The bird itself representing a society that implements a certain view of how we perceive beauty within our culture. 


    There is something striking about a bird’s expression, its piercing stare, darting glances and inquisitiveness. For centuries birds have been used to symbolize freedom, however, within these works the bird is shown completely out of its usual natural habitat, being forced to take on a human persona. The bird’s gaze invites the viewer to enter its abnormal subsistence. Trapped as a mere ornament on the pedestal of the board upon which it is painted, just as society is trapped within its own images of stature and aesthetic.


    The bird is laden with human significance and birds continue to provide a starting point for more unrestrained flights of the imagination.


    -    I




    This new series of etchings explores disguises and entrapment, both within ourselves and other people who surround us. Also delving into the movement of power and vulnerability, which exists within relationships and how people can attempt to project their control onto others.

    ‘At first glance it is an emperor who stands before, faceted with wealth and splendor, to entice in the eager and vulnerable. The bulbus cloak swells, perhaps from others who have before been lured into its grasp. Like a bird in spring it puffs itself out, in an attempt to express its power, attractiveness and desirability. But it is merely empty, bloated with an ugly arrogance. It feeds on others.

    A flattering front soon melts into disbelief, a gulp and you are swallowed. Inside is an eerie darkness and a stagnant stench, you wonder if you are the first. You begin to feel your self-belief being distinguished and you remain demoralized and trapped. Then you turn around and see, the one who went before. Suddenly you have a sense of being swept out into the universe, surrounded by nothing but stars and no paths insight. ‘  (Jill Tegan Doherty, from the notebook, March, 2016)


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  • Room I  - Run Rabbit Run

  • "There is something sinister and disturbing in the ambiguous beings that are born from the pencil of Jill Tegan Doherty, yet it is hard to look away from her canvases, as if a magnetic force was pushing us to ask ourselves what the images could mean. It is from the real mental short-circuits and the fascination with the reflections of the human subconscious that this young British artist, not yet thirty years old draws her inspiration.”  Lidia Casari


  • 'Jill Tegan Doherty's work is filled with twisted geological forms and unnerving combinations of human and animal.  The uncertain and unseen are provided with a visual platform to be physically digested. The canvas becomes a stage for the subconscious to perform its role in the 'physical' world, to act out its twisted plays.  Growing up surrounded by taxidermy and cabinets of curiosities Doherty believes the animal has found its way into her work and buried itself deep within it.  The animal is used almost as a mask, to better express human emotion. Her paintings present us with a curious and delectable dish that will not necessarily be smoothly digested nor nourish its spectator.

    Physical instability surfaces in the work through an almost playful act, strongly pronounced with the use of metaphorical animal and bird heads morphed with human figures. Not only crossing the line between natures creatures but also the line between the physical, non-physical, conscious and unconscious states of being.

    Swimming effortlessly between mediums and materials, Doherty's ideas extend into sculpture, installation and, most recently, etching.  Her work speaks of the human condition, and our place in the world.

    Jill Tegan Doherty is a British Artist, from Nottingham, UK.  She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London in 2006 and now lives and works in Berlin.  


    A selection of Fine Art Prints, Etchings and Original works from this exhibition are available from Jill's Gallery Shop here    Prices start at £35.00

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  • To Hear the Wind In the Trees