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  • The Music Room proudly presents....


    “English is a beautiful language,” she smiles. “Icelandic is beautiful as well of course, but the vocabulary in English is crazy. I can pull, stretch, expand, say things in so many different, specific ways… I can really make a sentiment that could be quite bland come to life. For me that’s a wonderful platform to experiment. I just want to be honest in the lyrics—I try to say real things, but also to let people find their own stories inside the lyrics. I try to make them memorable.”


    I have so much open space for randomness. I’ve played once or twice a month since I started doing this, because I guess people heard about it and are excited to hear it. And I can play alone—or I can ask literally anyone to join me for a show.”   


    “They are very personal songs for me,” Jófríður explains. “I know it’s a cliché, but I put a lot of work into the lyrics. The lyrics are poetry—I look at it that way. I normally hate it when someone says things like that, that their work is more like composition than songwriting, and their lyrics are more like poetry, but whatever—it fits, here. I’ve always been able to express myself well with words, lyrics, poetry.”

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  •  Jófríður Ákadóttir


  • Jófríður aka JFDR is an Icelandic singer, songwrtier and talented multi intrumentalist.  Well-known for her work with Samaris, GANGLY and Pascal Pinon, her themes and inspirations come from as far as Jules Verne's journey to the center of the earth, Ali Farka Toure's cyclical guitar playing and Yoko Ono's constant call for world peace among other random and heavyweight lyrical and musical influences. She is currently itinerant, desperately trying to tear away from the roots and comfort of her Iceland home Reykjavík, whilst working on her first solo album.. 

    The track "Anew" may well make it onto that record...

    Enjoy !

    To explore more of Jófríður's creative world click here