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  • ::Justin Grounds::

    I am a baroque violinist, composer, songwriter and electronic music producer. I studied baroque violin in Cambridge UK and did a degree in music at Durham University, majoring in electroacoustic composition. I now live in Clonakilty, Ireland where I have a lovely music studio with wooden floorboards, an old analogue desk, a tape machine, piano, and magical collection of instruments....

    I  toured as violinist with the live electronic band Keiretsu as well as producing 5 albums of solo music. I have worked as a composer and string arranger on many records over the last decade  including  most recently albums by Idiot Songs, Pearse McGloughlin, Jessie Kennedy, Roy Harper, Sacha Puttnam, Gavin Moore, Farewell JR, Bill Coleman, and Tom Woodward. I was very proud that my score ‘Passacaglia Apis’ won the inaugural East Cork Early Music Festival composition competition in 2014 and was premiered by Maya Homburger and Barry Guy, Elizabeth Wallfisch and the Cork Baroque Orchestra.

    I perform regularly as a solo baroque violinist, as a composing member of The Vespertine Quintet, leader of chamber group The Early/Modern Players, in  experimental jazz/baroque duo with Conrad Good and with bands Idiot Songs, Fir Beag and Farewell J.R.

    I also enjoy beekeeping, making bread and riding my bicycle.

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