• Photo:Reina Watanabe

  • Kazune Hirai


    Music & Programming: Kazune Hirai

    Violoncello:Kei Okumura

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  • I was born in a small town by the sea. Grew up by the sea.

    The sea and the sky beyond it is ever-changing, and never shows the same face. I loved staring into that open sea.

    Just simply staring into that view, with my mind at ease.

    I started my music lesson when I was 3. And started to create my own music by 4.
    As I left my hometown and moved into the ocean-less concrete jungle,

    I became very intrigued in creating music with various colors and much more complex emotions.

    Crying and laughing.
    Angry and sad.
    Laughing and screaming.
    Despair and desire...

    Similar to how the sea and the sky has many emotions, my music shapes into many forms.
    And I enjoy constantly searching for my next music.

    Even after graduating and starting my music career, the dynamic sea and the sky was close to my heart.

    The more I was separated from the such beauty, the more I felt like its rich, clear colors were calling to me.

    My ambition to express dynamic and complex colors through my music became my lifework,

    and is now embedded deeply into my heart.

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