•  Special Guest Event: Saturday, August 4th

    Lewis Kenny Performs ObSession

    A spoken word play


    Shifty, a working class waster and dedicated session warrior documents the six stages of the evolution of an Irish sesh-head. The Streets. The Gaff. The Club. The Rave. The Festival and The Final Comedown. An inward look of an Irish youth’s strongest obsession. It’s love of the session. Is it a harmless trait? Are we swallowing poison and calling it love? Where do we draw the line between disposition and addiction?

    “Simply Brilliant’  - The Irish Times | “Your man is hilarious” - The Rubberbandits | “This kid's a great writer with that unique ability to write about the normal every day but make it sound magnificent" - Mike Garry

    Written and performed by Lewis Kenny  Playtime: 50 mins

    Catch one of several performance during opening hours of 2pm - 7pm

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