• Our intention is for BabyForest to be a safe place.

    BF does not and will never share or sell your personal data.

    BF does not and will never create shadow profiles of you.

    BF does not make any claim of ownership on any of the creative works on the site. 


  • We are a colony of eco conscious creators building new ways, with new tools, to deliver our creative output. Built on talent and excellence, Baby Forest is by invitation and application only.  We aim to build a multi-disciplinary colony of talented creators.  A place we are all proud to be a part of .

    Our objective is to support and encourage creativity to empower the creator and help our planet where we can along the way. Our aim is to create a model, a two way conduit, where the member, audience, consumer, user, has direct access to creators and their worlds - their work, their inspirations, their thinking, their personality, every aspect of a creative life that a creator wants to and feels comfortable enough to share, where the creator is self empowering, self-sufficient, and receives the majority of the income generated from their creative output. 

    Our belief is that via the support, encouragement  and investment in the creative process and creative thinking, by the development of new tools, and by approaching things differently, new social, economic and cultural models will develop organically - that healthy, new environments will emerge where the creator and his/her audience and supporters can interact directly, where each can exercise personal subjective choice, where the creator can choose to work independently of, or in conjunction with established commercial structure - they have the choice, they can offer what they choose, the audience will support or not - both elements self curated.

    It is not by coincidence that we are called Baby Forest, our HQ and studios are based in our own organically nurtured young forest. But more than this: In nature, individual trees work together in forests as nurturing, supportive, collaborative networks and we are using the way the forest thrives and communicates as an analogy for the Baby Forest model. Building on this and the idea of the forest as a metaphor for exploration and growth, we aim to create recognisable brand values and an identity for our colony of creative individuals - one that offers recognition to creators for their unique contribution to culture today.

    We are using the internet as it was originally intended - to truly empower human creativity and to count towards helping our planet in our own small way.

    We are leaving behind the advertising models and the negative behaviour modification systems these current models produce.

    Baby Forest is ADVERT & ALGORITHM FREE. 

    In its place, we are building a nurturing, supportive and collaborative community, with a collection of new commercially empowering tools. As a community we create collaborative, engaging and creative experiences, through which we hope to contribute to the important dialogue surrounding the future interfacing of humanity & creativity with technology whilst offering immediate, tangible ways to support and nurture our planet. 

    We stopped to think.  To take the best of what is happening in our world and look at things in a new way - we are inviting colonists to do the same thing.

    With founding colonists coming from within the industry sectors of Art, Music, Fashion, Publishing, Broadcasting, Film, Science, and Design, that collective experience has been questioned and reviewed in light of the progress of new media, the delivery and distribution systems, secure payment mechanisms, the inherent value and protection of creators intellectual copyright and the possible futures. We have refined it to a clear realistic perspective of what is actually possible and  have created the fundamental tools for the systemic starting point of this journey.

    Together, as  a colony, Baby Forest will maintain it's integrity by continuing to follow a simple manifesto to support, collaborate and help each other, where our collective, creative energies and ecological ethos transmutes our valuable creative capital into the planting and nurturing of trees to contribute in helping our planet breathe a little easier.

    Welcome to the adventure.