•                                                  M´╗┐ETAMORPHOSIS OF THE PIANO                                 A documentary film from the 'Grasping at  Perception'  series

                                                        by Illya Filshtinskiy and Katha Zinn                                                      Film Duration: 16 mins 40 seconds

    'Grasping at Perception' explores that daunting feeling all musicians have on approaching a new work of music. What is this piece? What does it mean to me? What was the composer thinking? How do I convey the experience of living a piece of music, for months at a time, to an audience?  There are two documentary films in the series as well as several performance films to go with each of them.  

    Metamorphosis of the Piano is the first documentary in the series and encompasses John Cage's 'Sonatas and Interludes' for the prepared piano.  Cage opens the work by listing the preparation table of the piano and the score is exceptional in its standard notations -  the immediate perception of the pieces are veiled in the depth of the score.

    This documentary explores and highlights how an artist develops alongside the works to engage with, interpret and prepare a piece for performance - an experiment in time, ideas, and music.

    Over the next few weeks Baby Forest will be serialising the perfomance films that accompany this documentary in the Music Room.  View the first in the series here.

    To view more of Illya Filshtinskiy and Katha Zinn's work click here.


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