To create a large scale sculptural installation in the Forest at BFHQ - A Global Collaborative Ever Evolving Sculpture

    Project Inauguration:  May 19th, 2018

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    The Baby Forest Creative Festival

    July 31st - Aug 3, 2018 

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    OPERATION: WORLD WIDE WOOD is the title for our newly launched Baby Forest Cultural Programme.

    Through collaborative, engaging and creative experiences, we aim to explore the nature of connection and collaborative networks, looking particularly at how we might re-shape the internet to truly empower human creativity. Under this banner the aim is to launch innovative, creative collaborative funding ideas that give back to developing the Baby Forest platform whilst creating valuable, much needed dialogue about the future interfacing of humanity, creativity and technology, and immediate tangible ways to support and nurture our planet.

    The Operation WWW projects are designed to benefit us all: to provide collaborative, creative opportunity and meaningful dialogue, whilst working to raise the awareness of Baby Forest, it's activity, and that of its creator members whilst helping raise funds to support future activity.  At the same time, we'll help the earth to breathe a little more easily via the simple act of planting trees.


    Why the name World Wide Wood ?


    “Trees are the foundation of a forest, but a forest is much more than what you see. Underground, there is this “other” world of infinite biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate. (Trees) … act as hubs or anchors for tree groupings, and look after their families, nurturing seedlings, sharing nutrients and even sharing wisdom when they are injured or dying"  Suzanne Simard, Ecologist



    Trees are connected to each other via an underground network used to communicate and collaborate – they share nutrients and look after each other across species supporting individual trees and the forest as a whole.  It is not by coincidence that we are called Baby Forest. BFHQ and studios are based in a small forest – but more than this, the forest's nurturing, supportive network is so analogous to our own.  


    What will the funds be used for ?

    All funds raised will be fed back to the Baby Forest platform.

    There are things we can do right now, and amazing new technologies coming our way that will enable us to do

    things we have never even considered possible. So we’d like to start building a wish list of priorities, made in

    collaboration with all BF creator members, the things we think would to further empower us. Things like: 


    Events & Facility:   

    BF International Physical Events & Exhibitions, Live Events, Business Development/Partnerships, BFHQ Residential Cabins, Further build Connectivity to Curators, Galleries, other Art & Creative Organisations, and exploring other creative outlets for our work, Business to arts development, etc.



    BF app for mobile, blockchain development enabling creators, their supporters & lovers of creativity to do things in new ways and opening AR/VR interfacing for physical/virtual utility.


    Running costs: 

    Site upkeep and development, marketing, and generally keeping the lights on!


    Supporting Ecology: 

    Each fund rasing project will be designed to include and produce a tangible ecological output.  We will plant a

    tree for every participants donation, nurturing the lungs of our world, giving something back to our planet. As a

    starting point, we have a number of local land owners that have confirmed their support of our initiative and have

    set areas of their land aside to establish new long term forest locations.




    We hope to put together a Think Tank for this initiative, which will be open for you all to join - we will be

    developing this in the coming months.   In the meantime, please email us if you’d like to be part of it.  

    All input and energy is very welcome!


    OPERATION WORLD WIDE WOOD:  Inspirations & Research


    We have started an inspirations page containing links to research, inspiring films & documentaries, movements

    and organisations that relate to the operation's activity.  We will update this each time we come across anything of

    new interest.  You can visit this page HERE