• Anna is a visual artist and curator working within the disciplines of film, film installation, pinhole photography and text.

  • Commissioned film 

    30% (women and politics in Sierra Leone)  was selected for the Sundance Film Festival 2013. 

     Her films have screened  internationally.  Farms of Innocence  screened at Tate Modern before touring the UK and Australia. 

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  • Pinhole photographs and films


    Anna makes work collaboratively and co-creatively with others who are not necessarily visual artists or film makers.

    She has worked with children, a disabled  young woman and conservators at a National Trust property.

    Pinhole works with Louisa Makolski, also  in India and UK

  • Anna Cady

  • Artists moving image 


    Anna is lead artist for Elemental Dialogues   

    This film - 'Air' made in collaboration with Pauline Thomas has been  interpreted by a selection of  international writers and sound artists. Installations include a projection inside a James Turrell Skyspace...



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