Jennifer Hooper is a London based visual artist, she studied painting and photography at Camberwell college of art and anatomy at UCL.

    She has exhibited internationally and travels regularly in an exploratory way to inform her practice.


    'Taking inspiration from the natural world and our place within it, I carefully observe relationships between opposites. Often the animal or the animal encounter is a starting point.

    Utilizing the pathos of the collected animal, often from zoos or museums, I am fascinated by their ability to imbue stillness. Through process I accentuate this, creating an atmosphere of subtle intensity. Explored as archetypes, creatures are at odds with their environment, leading us to consider theirs and our own belonging.

    Using animal imagery I avoid sentimentality, choosing to possess the subject with an anonymity; creating a distance through which to observe.  There is a dialogue with the romantic era where imagery and process holds historical significance. I am fascinated by juxtaposition - beauty and melancholy, darkness and light.'


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