•  COMMISSIONS -  Part of  my practice does include commissions of paintings onto canvas - examples of these can be seen under ARCHIVES.        updating in progress

  • CREATIVE PROCESS is very much  a part of my practice along with Mentoring, Inspiration and Motivation. 2017 saw me  invited by Glasgow School Of Art to lead on one of their #WideningParticipationProgrammes aimed at young people who are interested in applying to Art School . This was a portfolio presentation course with an emphasis on sketchbooks and creative process. Further info from www.gsa.ac.uk  The Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3  6RQ.



    My practice is process led with an emphasis on painting in  it's broadest sense. I am concerned with creating Relationship, Dialogue. Placement and Connection through the installation of large scale sculptural paintings, drawings and digital film, . Using Materials traditionally  found in drawing and painting - Graphite, Paper, Household Paint, Re-cycled papers, Newsprint and found materials -. The 2017 Piece 'Descent of Man' for example was made from re-cycled newspapers from the  year 2017.

    In 2016  Creative Scotland in partnership with UpLand Arts Organisation,( www.covepark.org/artists/bea/bea-last www.weareupland.com ) awarded  me a Visual Arts Residency at #CovePark  Argyll and Bute. A crucial stage in my creative process  allowing for supported developmental time. A piitol moment which saw me take paintings off the canvas and explore  both sculptural paintings and sculptural drawings, both wall and floor based.  - These I am exploring and developing and are very much #WorkInProgress.

    Location,Space and Enviromentt  are vital to my pracitice in terms of social commentary and the landscapes we navigate both individually and globally and the engagement and dialogue that then ensues.

    Sketchbooks and working Drawings are another vital aspect of my creative process allowing freedom of mark making without self conciousness. The Fluid energy created tthrough these draiwings are crucial helping me stay connected and move my practice forward.