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  • I am a painter based in Somerset. My work is about light, surface and the objectness of painting.

    My work explores the transformative effect of light on surface, land and sea. I aim to create works that evoke the experience of visual phenomena – of atmospheric light and luminosity – whilst drawing attention to their making, their edges and the physical properties of weight, volume, materials and processes.  I use a variety of processes and materials in my work, some conventional such as oil paint, collage and print, others less common. Wrapping oak blocks with thread, soaking card and paper in oil, using household paints and varnishes, scoring and incising perspex and plywood in order to make marks. I am interested in the ‘objectness’ of painting - the relationship between the surface of my paintings with their sometimes oblique reference to landscape and the physicality of the pieces and whether it is possible to hold these two elements in balance.