• "Made With Vietnam I"

  • This painting was created from an image of a street scene in Haiphong, Viet Nam.  I expect most people imagine Viet Nam city streets to be fairly chaotic, often filled with vendors selling a range of brightly coloured plastic goods, as wave after wave of scooters, bikes, cars, rickshaws and pedestrians weave in random order amongst each other.

  • "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

  • The dichotomy of world weary naivety.  This painting was created from a photograph of a roller-girl Lego minifigure, and shares its title with the Joy Division track of the same name.  The painting juxstaposes the dreamy melancholy of the song with the innocence of teenage dreams and expectations.

  • Created from a photograph of a pile of anti-depressant pills.  Dreamy melancholy and confusion of mental health and its medication.  As widespread as candy, as potentially mind-numbingly dumbing and detaching as the games we play on our phones.

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  • "Candy Crushed"

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  • For want of a better expression, I'm calling these digital paintings (cue much bristling and angst from 'traditional' painters!).  Essentially, these are multi-layered digitally manipulations of photographs I have taken.  In the first instance, they explore a change of form.  If you consider photography to be capturing light, these paintings take the exact light from the original photograph and re-configure it.  They consist of the same component parts, but they now display something completely different.  In that sense, you could say they represent a different perception of the same thing.  Maybe somewhere in the universe, this is how the scene would be perceived in the first instance?

    The abstraction therefore references the concept of alternative realities and different perceptions/interpretations of the same thing.  The multiple layers reference the application of layering techniques in physical painting - particularly abstract - but also, the possibility of a number of different interpretations, complexity and depth of a subject we would otherwise take at face value.  

    I have to add that much of the substance of these paintings for me is in the therapeutic nature of their creation.  As much as representing the above, they also carry peace, harmony, positivity and happiness and are pretty much a portrait of my state of mind at the time.  

    Each image below is one example from the series it is taken from.