•  'REMEMBERED' 2019 

    Gold lichen vessel on mable wood.

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  • 'I LIVE YET  DIE'   2019

    Heartline: cast drawing bronze bracelet

    Lifeline: cast creeper leaf silver ring

    Endline: cast solid gold band


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  • PLACE-LINES 2018


    Charcoal and pen, aluminium and gold plated pin.

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  • Narratives in jewellery.

    As jewellery continuously has become a much large part of my art practise so has the idea of jewellery as a storyteller and part of larger concept.

    ‘Place- lines’ (line drawing and cast brooches in aluminium with gold plated pin) is a combination of line drawing and casting drawing. The place lines are drawings of a lichen covered branch whose shadow I became fascinated with as the emerged on my studio wall – first accidentally and then deliberately. The branch and the lines changed dramatically through the process of light, distance and materials. I wanted to capture this change in jewellery creating the sense of place as something we can bring with us. I copied part of the drawings and prepared those in such a way that I could cast them in aluminium, creating 5 brooches to be part of the drawing/installation.

    ‘I live yet I die’ (art jewellery in bronze, silver and gold)This set of jewellery was created based on a poem by Loise Labe . Sonnet VII, A powerful poem about love but which me sums up my life, my work and the relationship I have to my practise. Consisting of 3 pieces in bronze silver and gold, it combines not only material but also various aspects of my practice. ‘Lifeline’:  bracelet (cast shadow drawing) cast in bronze, ‘Heartline’, ring, cast creeper leaf cast in silver, ‘Endline’ ring, solid band cast in gold. The pieces can be worn individually or together as story told by the wearer.

     ‘Remembered’ ( gold vessel with lichen on maple base)This was a private commission from a client who wanted to use heirlooms and a lost spouse gold jewellery to create a piece which wasn’t yet a piece of jewellery, but which could in time (next generation) be made into one. It was a beautiful commission to be involved in. I have been playing with the idea of vessels for some time in a sculptural capacity – the idea being vessels as keepers of memories, of holding us and of places to recharge energies. Lichen, extra layer of growth and texture which appears in nature has also fascinated me and this was an opportunity to combine the two, creating a gold vessel cast from memories with added layers of Lichen. The piece is presented on a small maple wood mable base but can be turned into a pendant.