• Patty Hudak

    Setting up rituals of practice, those that don’t necessarily lead to a finished work of art, guide the mind into a contemplative place. I think this is both good for the artist, and also, for culture.

    The process of freely and unquestionably working helps me to clear obstacles such as self doubt, mental chatter, to do lists, and any other pieces of anxiety.

    It helps me to break habits of thinking and release attachments to what feels comfortable but may be inhibiting a more honest response to my emotions and sensory experience. 

    My work is based on changes within Nature, and how we react emotionally to Nature. 

    My goal is to give the viewer an immersive experience, such as I feel when I am in Nature.  I am interested in how we can live more harmoniously in the world, to work together with Nature to create a meaningful existence on this planet.

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