• Quick Start Guide.


    Welcome to Baby Forest.


    Support creators by visiting their creator spaces and enjoying their work, visit their shops, buy from or commission them, open a dialogue, ‘love’ what they do, and share their work by spreading the word and sharing their broadcasts to bring more supporters back to the forest.  Be an active part of a creators process by directly supporting them, allowing them to continue to make beautiful things that we can enjoy.


    Below is a Quick Start Guide/Introduction to your Baby Forest tools and how to use them.


    The Hub

    Is the area you first arrive at on log in. Your communications centre.  From here you enjoy news, up-dates and information from Baby Forest and from every creator that you follow via their broadcasts. 

    Click on a broadcast image to reveal more information and links back to the creator’s space.

    From The Hub you can view:

    Headline Broadcasts. (top row/first drawer in the Hub). 

    BF central Headline broadcasts, the big stuff – exhibition news, colony activity, and announcements.


    Broadcasts. (second row/drawer in the Hub).  

    Where you manage your broadcasts and receive broadcasts from creators you are following – curated and filtered by you.


    BF News feed. (third row/drawer in the Hub).  

    Regular News from BF


    Inspirations Feed. (fourth row/drawer in the Hub).  

    Your inspirational content feed. Where you see inspirational content from creators you are following - image, video, audio or PDF


    Your preferred artists will be of interest to your friends.  Support the work they do and the up-dates they broadcast simply by sending them on to your social media networks using the sharing arrow underneath each broadcast.


    Your Menu Bar

    Hovver on the black bar to the left of your page to reveal a slide draw menu bar to navigate your way around The Colony.

    The text boxes at the bottom of The Hub page are also quick links to other parts of the site.

    The Tree

    Clicking the Tree at the top of the left hand Menu Bar will always take you back to the home page.

    The Gallery

    The Baby Forest Gallery houses all the latest exhibitions from Creators in the colony. Shows are curated and calendared throughout the year and selected items from the exhibitions are for sale in the exhibitors’ own shop.


    The Colony

    Start Exploring our creative colony here – or click the paragraph EXPLORE THE COLONY – at the bottom of the page in The Hub.  There are drop down filter menus and a search toolbar at the top of the page, which allow multiple search options.  Click on the profiles of creators you admire to take you to their own personal Creator Spaces where you can find out more about them and their work and browse their personal broadcasts, inspirations and shop.  Support them directly by following them to keep up to date with what they do.


    My Colony

    Start forming your own curated colony and show your support by following the creators who’s work you appreciate. (You will automatically start receiving up-dates from them in your Hub.) There are the drop down filter menus and a search toolbar at the top of the page, which allow multiple search options.


    Private Messaging

    Use Private Messaging to open a dialogue with creators you admire.


    Control Room

    The place where you manage your personal settings, passwords, avatar images, etc.  Don't forget to hit save to save your settings, you can update and re-save these settings at any time.

    In the Control Room you can also manage and view your personal transactions, commissions, hire of services and see any purchases you have made in the Baby Forest Shop.



    The Shop


    View all items for sale in the colony shop via your left hand menu or browse an individual creator’s shop via their creator space.

    Contact support@babyforest.co with any technical queries you may have.

    Enjoy exploring Baby Forest!