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    The Royal Family sits at the pinnacle of British politics and society. Yet with no political power, how the public think and feel about them is critical to the survival of the institution they represent. Their relationship with the media has never been more important. This two-part series tells the inside story of the 20-year battle between the monarchy and the media – the first family and the fourth estate – over personal privacy and public image. It examines how the Royal family set about rehabilitating its battered public image and reputation following the breakdown of Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana and her sudden and tragic death. It explores how two young bereaved princes have been encouraged to overcome their dislike and distrust of the press.

    Written and presented by:  Steve Hewlett 

    Producer/Director by: Christopher Walker/Paul Tilzey

    Editor: Rick Barker/Jamie Hay

    Executive Producer: Rachel Crellin

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    This one-hour Panorama special reveals that more British soldiers and veterans killed themselves last year than were killed in action, and that the Ministry of Defence is in denial about the scale of the problem.

    "Forensically powerful" Radio Times

    Nominated for a Royal Television Society Television Journalism Award

    Playing at Prix Bayeux October 2013

    Producer/Director: James Jones

    Editor: Todd Downing

    Reporter: Toby Harnden

    Executive Producers: Steve Hewlett, Rachel Crellin


    BAFTA-nominated one-hour Panorama special follows four stories over five months and reveals the devastating impact of being evicted from your home and losing everything.

    "A chilling documentary" The Sunday Times

    Nominated for a BAFTA in the Current Affairs category and Best European Documentary at the Prix Europa

    Producer/Director: James Jones

    Editor: Todd Downing

    Executive Producers: Steve Hewlett, Rachel Crellin

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    Demand for places at high-achieving state schools across the UK far outstrips supply, turning the schools admissions process into a battleground. For many parents it has become one of the most stressful moments in their lives. The losers in this extraordinary educational lottery are often the locals – locked out of the best schools by people playing the system. Panorama goes to Havering to follow the council’s campaign to clamp down on abuse of the system and follows the fortunes of parents who’ve applied for places in one of the most over-subscribed boroughs for primary school places in the country.

    Producer/Director:  Chris Boulding

    Executive Producer:  Rachel Crellin

    Executive Producer: Steve Hewlett