• Reece Jones makes drawings whose initial subject territories may be whimsical, improbable, impossible or theoretically muddled. Cross references, samples and complete fabrications are accumulated until an image is made manifest whose origins are potentially difficult to define. Process led, the works undergo rigorous, repeated application and removal. The results are atmospheric, and authoritative works, which belie their rudimentary material composition. Ultimately the viewer is invited to assess the legacy of surface, process, documentary, translation, actuality, illusion and doubt.

    Reece lives and works in London. He studied at the Royal Academy Schools and was one of the founders and curators of the Rockwell project space in Hackney from 2002 - 07. He has exhibited internationally, writes occasionally and recently curated The Hair Of The Dog at Block 336 in Brixton and Terminalia at Charlie Smith London. He is a lecturer in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School.

  • Reece Jones. In The Hollow Of The Valley. 2015. charcoal and polymer varnish on paper. 180x150cm 

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