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    In the Country of the Blind (one person), Galerie Schuster, Berlin

    New London School (curated by Zavier Ellis & Simon Rumley), Galerie Schuster, Berlin


    Meeting Place, Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Bournemouth


    Paula Granoff, Providence, Rhode Island; Steve Shane, NYC; Markus Winzer, Untersiemau;

    Private collections in France, Germany,  Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom & United States


    See more of Dominic's work here

    Listen to a recorded conversation between Dominic Shepherd, the artist and curator Zavier Ellis and Dr Gavin Parkinson about the paintings that form this exhibition here

    A selection of work from this exhibition, along with other drawings and prints by Dominic Shepherd are available here  





    The darkness in these complex images is often not instantly apparent, it needs to be unraveled and searched out from amongst the plethora of references and snippets of the visual. The motifs remain within the frame, allowing the viewer time to contemplate and investigate the breadth of his extraordinary imagination, but the suggestive power of the content invades the mind, lodging inside the viewers’ psyche, disrupting sleep and tranquility.Dominic Shepherd’s two worlds are currently on a collision course and the Bare Foot Prophet wanders through his changing realm towards his personal apocalypse.  But Shepherd is an extraordinary painter; his mesmerizing work is visually sophisticated and emotionally secure.  He follows his own path regardless of trends or the posturing of the art scene in which he finds himself.  It is this which makes his work so powerful and so original. His philosophies will undoubtedly keep pace with contemporary art practice wherever he finds himself situated in the future.

     © Fiona Robinson 2015 




    1994 – 1995: MA in Painting, Chelsea College of Art and Design;                                                                                                                                                            

    1985 – 1988: BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design




    Die English Kommen! – New Painting from London (curated by Zavier Ellis), Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt

    The Fantasy of Representation (curated by Andrew Salgedo). Beer’s Contemporary, London.

    Das Unheimliche (curated by Zavier Ellis), Charlie Smith, London.

    Bare Foot Prophet  (solo show)  Charlie Smith, London.


    Cultus Deorum (curated by Zavier Ellis), Saatchi Gallery, London


    Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4’s New Sensations and THE FUTURE CAN WAIT (curated by Zavier Ellis, Simon Rumley & Rebecca Wilson),

    B1, Victoria House, London


  • The bare foot prophet lives in the wilds, against the mainstream.

    Proto hippies such as Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach and Gustav Nagel lived by their own codes, intentionally positioning themselves against convention. Embracing nature; rejecting the institutional;  reinterpreting the commonplace, the bare foot prophet finds truth in nature and formulates his own mythologies.

    In this exhibition Dominic Shepherd responds to the progress of our times, channelled via his own idiosyncratic circumstances. 



    Essay on Dominic Shepherd's work by Fiona Robinson at the end of the exhibited work.

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  •  ‘To make sure of what I already suspected, I leaned out over the water and I lifted the lantern, and out of the black watery mirror a  face peered up at me, a face with severe and solemn features and grey eyes, an old knowing face, and it was I.’     Hermann Hesse, ‘Flute Dream’ 

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    Artist, writer, curator and Baby Forest Founding Creator Fiona Robinson discusses the work of Dominic Shepherd.


     There is obliqueness in Dominic Shepherd’s work where the deeply personal becomes universal and shared, but shared in a way which allows him to preserve his sense of self and his privacy.  He is adept at hiding away: for the last fifteen years deep in a forest, literally, steeped in the morass of his own adapted credo and mythologies.  Influenced by writers like Herman Hesse and W.G. Sebald and intrigued by the philosophies of the obscure nineteenth century painter and social reformer Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach and the original bare foot prophet and Jesus imitator Gustav Nagel, Shepherd forges his own blueprint for life.  He talks of having spent these years in a reverie of his own making but he has also been protected and charmed and hidden from view by the trees which surround the sylvan retreat of his studio. Now these trees are being cut down and the music comes not from the silence of the night forest, the song of early morning birds or the piles of vinyl littering his work place but from the discordant, head-tearing sound of chainsaws carving their way through the living wood.

    Reminiscent of ethereal creatures from nineteenth century children’s Fairy books, Shepherd’s heroes and anti heroes, writers, musicians, pearly kings and queens frolic in the woods, each attributed with a personal iconography gleaned from flora and fauna, waterfalls, toadstools and mythical animals which reference quasi-religious fantasies, magic-realism, death and desire.  He escapes to the woods to weave his magic but this is not fairytale escapism, he is deeply concerned with contextualising the 21st century world that exists outside his retreat. Despite the collapsing boundaries of his domain, the works in The Barefoot Prophet continue to expound his theories, expanding and developing his central concerns of the slippage of time, mortality and historical context.          





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    Jerusalem (one person), CHARLIE SMITH LONDON, London

    Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4’s New Sensations and THE FUTURE CAN WAIT (curated by Zavier Ellis, Simon Rumley & Rebecca Wilson),

    B1, Victoria House, London

    Black Mirror, Galerie Lichtpunkt - Ambacher Contemporary,Munich

    Critical Dictionary, WORK, London

    The Perfect Nude (curated by Phillip Allen & Dan Coombs), Phoenix Gallery, Exeter


    Polemically Small (curated by Edward Lucie-Smith), Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, Klaipeda


    THE FUTURE CAN WAIT (curated by Zavier Ellis & Simon Rumley), Shoreditch Town Hall, London

    Mycelium (one person), The Arts University College at Bournemouth

    Territories, Galerie Schuster, Miami

    Papyrophilia, CHARLIE SMITH LONDON, London


    New British Painting, Gallery Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, Helsinki

  • Goodbye.  Oil on Linen.   20 x 14cms

  • Greenwood.  Oil on linen   32 x 40 cms 

  • The Apple Tree.  Oil on Linen  40 x 32 cms  

  • The Fool.     Oil on Linen   42 x 30 cms

  • The Hand.    Oil on Linen  20 x 14 cms

  • The Hanged Man    Oil on Linen  42 x 30 cms


  • The Magician's Table    Oil on Linen  40 x 32 cms

  • The Medium.    Oil on Linen   20 x 14 cms

  • The Wier.   Oil on Linen  42 x 30 cms

  • The Veil.   Oil on Linen   20 x 14 cms