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  • Image - Eagle 2012 - 485mm X 380mm Jill Tegan Doherty - Graphite pencil and paper 

  • Created as part of the first Baby Forest colony mash up No.1, the GPS location sound  piece was made from a combination of a unedited digital field recording made on the night of Richards photo session. and the GPS coordinates of the sculpture's location. 

    The GPS data  was translated via a process of data sonification into the note frequencies, which were then used as the source notes for the string ensemble elements, the same allogorithmic information data and numbers were applied to FM synthesis software to create the self generative synthetic sounds, and also input into the rate and sequence generators, which determined the tempo and rhythms of those sounds. These autonomous self generative audio elements, the field location recording and the string ensemble elements were then arranged and combined, with specific reference to the GPS coordinates data to determine where, when and how long they and the actual piece lasts, which finishes as 5.31 minutes..

    I am investigating further exploration of this Data Sonification process to create sonic portraits of location and person to create site specific portraiture pieces.

  • For Four Rooms - Berlin   Tom McCarthy and Brian Flynn

  • 51  31 ' 11 .4 N - 09 09' 53.4 W  

    Cow up a Tree - Bronze 8m  1999 John kelly 

    Night Cow - image  April 2015 - Richard Lewis, 

    GPS  location sound piece - April 2015 Tom McCarthy 

  • A collaboration between artist Jill Tegan Doherty, composer Brian Flynn and Tom McCarthy. 
    Jill invited Brian and I to create a sound piece for her Berlin Exhibition.

    The For Four Rooms piece was designed to play from  4 separate areas of the gallery on 4 separate sound systems, so that as visitors moved around the gallery to view the paintings , the sound piece would create a unique mix of itself..

    The 4 sub pieces were created to play overlaying continuously over a month long exhibition period, never repeating, organically mutating and reproducing new unheard versions of itself, each one unique. an emotional sonic landscape inspired by and made in response to the paintings..

    The  For Four Rooms audio extract above is a composite mix of all rooms.

  • Erosion, God particle one -   Alabaster    290 mm x 290mm x  165mm

  • Image - Wood for Trees 2,  Mono print  Nov 2012,  Sue Crellin - McCarthy

    Track -  December Rain - Baby Forest studios - 2013 - Piano and Rain - TomMcCarthy

  • I carve directly, the physical materials act as a vehicle into my own mediative inquiry of the transcendental. The forms created from the process become boundary markers that forever define that inquiry, a permanent physical rendering of that exploration into the possibilities of form, how one collection of vibrating particles might be transformed into another. 

  • Prepared Piano - Tone Poem 210 -15

  • A Tone Ment 

    3 Tone Poems taken from the A Tone Ment series,  

    Tone Poem's are an exploration into the transcendental nature of sound.

    I am drawn to the unknown and the discovery of spontaneously created sonic elements, melodic structures and sequences which are recorded live as they appear.

    Moments rendered, fixed in time, An on going Sonic enquiry into the here and now. 
    Baby Forest Studios -  West Cork - Inception April -  2012 - on going - please click link to explore more Tone Poems