• Brian Flynn & Tom McCarthy - 'ForFourRooms'

    Brémond - 'Cans are  predictable'

    Talos - "In Time - 'Greenhouse studios live version'

    Pascal Pinon -  'Somewhere'

    Young Wonder - 'Hear our Hearts'  BF rerub

    TomMcCarthy - 'December Rain'

    Justin Grounds - 'Teilhard'

    Jonathan Pearson - 'Use your Eyes as a Mirror'

    Samaris - 'Góða tungl'

    Sean Bumps - 'Disco Dubba'

    Sonorous Objects - Tonepoem 4.10.12


    Matthew Shaw - 'West of the Sun'

    Brémond - 'The Carnivals'

    Robstar - 'Born ready'

    Jonathan Hill  - 'Last full nights sleep'

    Elaine Colclough  - 'ISEEMY'

    Illya Filshtinskiy  Katha Zinn - John Cages 'Sonata 5 for prepared piano'


  • Baby Forest Proudly Presents...

    The 'Sounds of the Forest' Mix


  • Featuring an eclectic mash up of songs, music and sound art introducing the Baby Forest colony's very own song writers, music makers, sound and spatial sonic artists .....

    Many thanks to all the colonists for their contributions..