•  Meltybrains? in BF Studios - Summer 2020

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  • .Located in the heart of West Cork, Ireland,  Baby Forest Studios are an integral part of the BFHQ footprint and philosophy

    Nestled in the centre of the forest, the recording/mixing studio boasts a long long list of eccentric, hard to find, old school analogue kit that will keep the most ardent sonic explorers happy. With Prism converters and the Genelec and Quested speaker systems, it delivers its world class sound via its great sounding mix room. It has proven itself to be a professional, productive and inspirational space for an international array of musicians, DJ's, producers, mixers, film composers and sound artists to work, write and progress their work in.

    Having the beautiful young forest and gardens of BFHQ to wander off into when the creative head needs some space or just a moment to be, creativity is rebooted more effectively than anything you can imagine. With views overlooking Roaring Water Bay and the Ocean, there are no shortage of inspirational backdrops for head breaks be that medtiation, yoga,  a quick coffee break or even work related brainstorming sessions!

    The studios have been used for a wide range of sonic projects, from the usual recording, mixing, mastering, composing/song writing, and voiceover work to the more esoteric abstract sound art, sonic installation, film folio creation and film music scoring to picture projects.

    Some have even been known to shoot their videos here, making use of the beautful location!  

    With members of the BF Team always on-site to help facilitate all creative aspects of your projects, the studio can also act as a hub to network and access creative partners from the Baby Forest creative family, be that a player, producer or re-mixer, a film maker, photographer, stylist or graphic designer to collaborate with and help thrash out and deliver your latest projects.

    Residential & catering facilities can be organised and effective COVID19 strategies are in use here.

    We welcome and facilitate any project, and would love to discuss yours with you. 

    Just email us at  info@babyforest.co

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  • BabyForest   STUDIOS

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