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  • Slow down, World, I want to shoot you

    Never happier than with camera in hand - well, almost never - I have been seeing the world in rectangles since subjecting my indulgent family to slide shows in the 1980s after moving from England to Finland, where I still live. My interest in photography started as a hobby and developed into a significant share of my work when, as a freelance writer, I began illustrating my travel articles with my photographs. I still write features covering a wide range of subjects from travel to sustainable and development issues, and I still try to accompany my articles when my photos whenever possible.

    A member of the self-created, self-taught "Ask Questions First, Shoot Later" school of photography, I have lugged my camera gear through Central America in search of volcanoes, grey whales and migrating butterflies, through Eastern Europe on a quest for the ultimate unspoiled medieval town and perfect beer, to frozen Baltic islands, and across the parallel visual universe that is India, and quite a few extraordinary places in between. I remain insanely and irrationally addicted to travel.

    I have won prizes in several prestigious photo competitions along the way, including the Travel Photographer of the Year competition, and I was awarded as British Guild of Travel Writers' Photographer of the Year in 2012 and 2015.

    Learning about photography never stops and the perfect photograph is always tantalizingly close but just beyond reach. For me the camera is a tool for seeing, for savoring the visual surprises of the world and pursuing the vain objective of stopping it in its tracks. 

    In my personal companion to travel photography (Motion Pictures - a travel photographer's companion) available in the Baby Forest shop as a downloadable PDF and emphatically NOT a photography 'how-to' instruction manual, I share my tips, ideas, practical advice and anecdotes, as well as views on how the camera can be a device for making contact across cultures and landscapes, enhancing the appreciation of their endless, incredible and inspirational variety.