Baby Forest Organic Artist Charcoal - Standard Pack

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Baby Forest Handmade Organic Artist Charcoal

For drawing and mark making

The natural form of the charcoal lends itself to making a multitude of marks - each stick is unique in the marks it works with you to produce. You work in collaboration with the sticks to find the marks you want: crumble it, scratch it, smudge it: or enjoy the feel of the thick, velvety dark lines being produced on the paper!

Hand made here on site at BFHQ from our own homegrown highest quality Beech wood.

It is 100% organic, ecologically and sustainably produced, without pesticides.

Each stick is carefully selected for mark making quality by eye and are all cut to length by hand.

The first batch is ready, and is made up of a mixture of thick and thin charcoal sticks.

Standard pack - 160 mm x 53 mm Circular Tube Full. Minimum contents weight 40g

Charcoal stick lengths and thickness vary between apx 75 - 145mm long, 6mm - 24mm thick

Packaging is 100% recyclable

If you are interested in bulk or multiple orders, we are happy to discuss discount or where we can combine orders, to reduce packaging and delivery costs please feel free to message us below..





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Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania

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