• What is Baby Forest ?

    We are a creative colony founded and built by creators to empower and support creators

    A place where an audience can directly engage with and support creators and their creative process.

    A place where Creators have all the tools they need to manage their creative lives online.  

    Where they have their own unique dynamic easy to use online space to present, exhibit, promote, broadcast, communicate, network, collaborate, work, buy, share and sell from.  Where they gets the lion's share of the money earned from their Creative works.

    All under one roof and within a supportive colony environment. 

    A cultural identity for Creators of all disciplines.

    The Baby Forest Creators are selected by the invitation of their peers or by application: Creators recognizing and acknowledging other creators.


    A Note to Creators:

    Join the Adventure!  To find out how to apply for an invitation click here


    Why a Colony?

    Colony, to us, is a group of like-minded, adventurous people; in our case, artists, creators and makers coming together to form an explorative, interactive outpost, for support, collaboration and a collective voice.

    Behind the screen Baby Forest works as a supportive network for creators to collaborate and thrive in. Baby Forest provides the tools, advice and opportunity for creators to manage their creative lives online.  It is a place where they can support each other, collaborate, exchange resources, work, share, broadcast, communicate,  exhibit, generate and manage commissions, buy and sell.

    Our collective presence gives a voice to talent of all creative disciplines, and Baby Forest provides you the opportunity to support them directly by engaging with, following, promoting, commissioning, buying and sharing what they do best. 


    How does it work?

    For creators:  Baby Forest is a place to present, promote, generate and manage commissions, develop, and sell our creative work.  Where we connect directly with our audience and enjoy their support and engagement, whilst also connecting, sharing, supporting and collaborating with other creators. A place to support our creative lives using the ever growing Baby Forest promotional and commercial tools.

    For our audience: 

    Baby Forest provides a place where  you can enjoy, support and engage directly with the creators and the colony by signing up and becoming a non-creative member of the colony.

    Enjoy our multi-disciplinary, dynamic cultural gallery, allowing you direct access to amazing creators.

    Curate and shape culture as you see it.  It’s your choice. You are given the tools to follow a creator's progress, communicate with, support and engage in what they do, buy their work, tickets to their events, places in their tutorials/workshops, commission them, build a direct relationship with them and promote them by sharing their work. You become part of their creative world.

    Read Intimate Features on creators, curated showcases, exhibitions, written pieces, performances, films, music, and all the colony has to offer. 

    Make it a fun, social experience.   All colonists, both Creators and members, have their own ‘Hub’, to communicate with creators and receive their broadcasts, up-dates, and inspirations.   Follow and support your favourite creators by sharing their work with your friends directly from Baby Forest to your own social media channels.   Curate your own colony, My Colony, to collect your favourite Creators in one place. 

    Browse an eclectic emporium of high quality, creative output – support your favourite creators by visiting their shops to own a piece of their work.  A shop where the creator get the lion's share of the money.


    Baby Forest: A safe place.

    Baby Forest does not and will never share or sell your personal data - EVER

      - will never create shadow profiles of you - EVER

      does use analytics software to monitor who and how the site and it's tools are being used only to help              improve and benefit your on-site experience. 

    We respect and honour every creator's copyright.

    We will not post ugly banners or intrusive off-site ads anywhere on a creator's content or the site.

    We use a secure and well established payment gateway to support both creators and their buyers.

     Baby Forest is a safe place for all personal data and for the protection of all intellectual copyrights in all the      creative works.


    Who is Baby Forest? 

    Baby Forest is the sum of all our creator members collectively.

    Baby Forest was founded by:

    Tom McCarthy 

    Sue Crellin-McCarthy

    in collaboration with founding partner:

    Shane McCarthy


    Andrew Egan

    Richard Lloyd Lewis

    Jonathan Hill

    Chris Westendorf

    James Ryan

    Gerard Desmond

    Tom Frederikse

    With the gratefully received early encouragement of:

    Martyn Thompson

    Sean Bumps

    Rachel Crellin

    Lisa Lillywhite

    Charles Tyrrell

    Peter Button

    Simeon Farrar

    Andrea Byrne

    Phil Heaton

    Brian Flynn

    And with the kind support of:

    Barry and Jane Kidney

    Donal Whelan

    Declan Kelly

    Anne Marie Kearney

    Mark and Stephen Ryan

    John Ryan

    John Hammill

    Gillian O'Sullivan

    Shane Donnachie

    James Ryan

    And to each and every one of the Baby Forest Founding Creators....
    Big love and thanks to us all x


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